‘Da Republic of Brooklyn’, a Spike Lee Joint

We love telling authentic stories of the genuine people that move Uber forward in the streets everyday. In 2018, we got a chance to take this to the next level and work with one of our idols, Spike Lee, to tell the stories of 5 unique drivers and couriers that represent that Brooklyn hustle. Brought to life in a way that only Spike himself could.

Spike was heavily involved all the way through this work. From casting to pre production, shooting drivers and couriers around Brooklyn on the his weekends off, all the way through post, music supervision, signing off on OOH, etc.

All while he was finishing what would be his Oscar-winning film.

To highlight the stories and personalities within, we placed unique OOH as movie posters all over Brooklyn and several other film centric markets in the US. From wild postings in LA to spectaculars in San Francisco, we teased the films leading up to a one of a kind film festival at BAM in Brooklyn. 

It was a great success for Uber, the drivers and couriers and Spike himself. 

To view the films in their entirety, go to www.uberpresents.com.

Here’s the case study for the whole campaign to show the breadth of work.

And here are the individual films of these 5 Brooklyn-based heroes:


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