Supercell – Clash of Clans

Supercell makes the wildly addictive and all consuming iOS game, Clash of Clans.  This is the most unique mobile strategy/defense game that I’ve come across and, like many others, have become obsessed with. Try to play this game without spending buckets of money on in-app purchases and you are a better person than I. To that point, you’ll see why Clash of Clans is consistently the #2 top grossing iOS app on the app store.

Now, iOS games don’t typically get launched via broadcast media which is why this campaign launch made perfect sense as this is not your typical app/game.

For this launch we worked with animation gurus, Psyop, to bring the beloved and crazy Clash of Clans characters to life in a PIXAR-style world.  We showcased how the Barbarians, Archers, Goblins, Giants and yes even Hog Rider and P.E.K.K.A. would act in a fully 3D/CG world; a world quite different than the Flash-based, isometric viewed world that they live in.

While time was the biggest challenge on this, we were still able to launch on Christmas Day with a :60, :30, two :15’s and 3 more :15’s to follow.  Each :15 followed a characters story arc referenced in the :60.  We also launched with an extended web version of our spot a few days before the holiday to give the incredibly devoted and widespread Clash of Clans fan base an early Christmas present.   It got 9 million views in just 4 days.

After the success of this launch and to celebrate the new clan vs clan action, we created some more hilarious Clash content which of course, spawned a karaoke version that we seeded online:

Which created 1,000’s of user submitted versions. Here’s a “best of” of those. Ridiculous and fun stuff.

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