Battle of the Cheetos

Team Crunchy or Team Puffs? Battle of the Cheetos was a fun, zany, massive multiplayer game where users had to choose a side, create an army of Cheetos and fight for ownership of popular sites all across the web.

Sites like Gizmodo, Boing-Boing, Mashable, Digg or Kotaku were the main battlegrounds at launch but players had the ability to add their own sites as well. To gain control of each site, players had to fight battle after battle, form alliances and keep leveling up their troops. Additionally, players got to manage their troops, weapons inventory and could unlock many new characters with unique weapons and attacks, as well as special game changing weapons that could quickly turn a battle in their favor. This was a fun exercise in pushing the limits of Flash, 3D, CGI, and multiplayer gaming online.

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