Playstation – The Order

Before the launch of PlayStation’s new franchise, The Order: 1886, an ambitious young blogger set out to prove the game was based on a real secret society from Victorian-era London. Curiosity led him down the catacombs beneath Westminster, convinced him to take a shot from an ancient crossbow and ultimately led to discoveries proving The Order was real. He documented his exploits on Tumblr, eventually leading viewers to a real-world version of his work space just outside London. There, people received the final piece of evidence, a fully playable version of the game weeks before it launched to the public.

View the website here –

The video that began the campaign, seeded to gaming and fan blogs anticipating the game’s arrival:

Following the launch video, we began to pepper other pieces of branded content around the web to pique more interest:

And a :30 of the long form version began to run in media:

Gamers were treated with a ‘reveal’ of sorts that connected the lore with the game and modern day lineage:

And, finally, hidden inside the game we connected and paid off our IRL story with the game itself:


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