Dish Talk Boston

People seem to love the family of “Boston Guys” that we created awhile back for Dish.  Moreover, they seem to love that unique “Bahstan” accent more and more.  So, we decided we’d teach the country to “Talk Boston”.

In less than 6 weeks, we launched, a fully interactive microsite full of:

56 videos of Boston vocabulary lessons
25 videos of Boston as a Second Language class or “BSL”
An interactive game on our site and Facebook that allows you to test your Boston language skills.
A tweet translator that takes your tweets and Bostonizes them and allows you to share them.
8 videos of sports stars and TV celebs doing their best to “Talk Boston”

….a big team effort obviously.

In its first two weeks of the campaign, has had 1.2 million site visits, the videos received over 9 million views and the campaign was covered in over 130 times in the media, with total earned impressions of over 111 million. Over 14,000 fans tweeted translated Boston tweets and 55K people played the game at an average length of 4 minutes per game.  The entire campaign in total has received over 26 million views and is largely responsible for driving a significant increase in engagement with the DISH brand.

Check it out for yourself at

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